“Running Bitcoin,” he said.

Update 3/20/2021: @lmaonade80 on Twitter asked where the carbon emission values for renewable power came from, which highlighted I forgot that bit of data. Here’s a study from 2019 which refutes the USEIA’s claim that hydroelectric power is carbon neutral.

Like most of the things I write, this article contains uncomfortable truths based on publicly available facts and data.

It’s the research and calculations that nobody wants to perform because the results might break the market narrative — a narrative the vocal minority believes drives the market.

I’ve never been a fan of that narrative because it abuses the lack…

MyEtherWallet is one of the most well designed, battle tested, and user friendly Ethereum wallets available. In this article I will explain how to use it to interface not with the Ethereum network, but with the Tao network and for the purposes of participating in Tao’s proof of stake governance.

I’m going to keep this as a step-by-step guide with screenshots each step along the way. It’s actually really easy.

Here’s what you’ll need to have beforehand:

With that, go to myetherwallet.com

I saw Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead for the first time in April of 1989. I was in the 8th grade and it was the coolest thing I’d ever done and it didn’t even matter that I went with my mom. Robert Hunter’s words in the song Ripple have since been a comfort and an inspiration for most of my life.

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go, no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble…

Three years ago I wrote a short piece which describes the demand for Tether to exist from an economic sense and not its perceived utility. It’s time for an update because things have, as they always do in the cryptocurrency space, evolved.

I’ve been formulating this follow up for some time, but a recent Twitter thread by a journalist covering the space who is unafraid of controversy — Amy Castor — where she called out certain individuals in the space for their clear ethical conflicts of interest devolved at points into a discussion about Tether. …

In Part One I laid out the arguments for the technological upgrade now taking place with the Tao protocol. In Part Two I’m going to talk a bit more about the specific pieces of the ecosystem that’s going online.

Increased Utility, Increased Complexity

As one who traditionally works with Bitcoin-based networks, setting up an EVM-based network is decidedly more complex. While a Bitcoin-based network can go online with an explorer and two nodes, an EVM-based network — especially one which uses Delegated Proof of Stake—requires a minimum of three nodes… and a whole lot more. …

The Cryptocurrency of the Music Industry


After nearly four years of flawless operation, the Tao blockchain is due for some major upgrades so we can move into the next phase of our project. While we have made tremendous in-roads in the entertainment industry and saw amazing success with our musical partners, we have allowed our philosophy of “the cryptocurrency which runs best changes least” to slow down development far too much. The community, developers and major stakeholders in the Tao blockchain, including myself, have come up with a plan to bring Tao into 2020.

This first part will outline the reasons for the upgrade, the plan…

Not so much a fork in the road as adding another lane

The promise of programmable money has yet to have been fully realized, but it does seem that in the long term the substance is going to match the hype. While finance is still the only industry to have exploited the benefits of what the Ethereum ecosystem has to offer, many other industry verticals may also reap equal or greater benefits but have not taken the plunge to embrace it.

While I couldn’t speak for industries in which I am not involved, after five years of being on the frontlines between cryptocurrency and the music industry I feel I can speak…

While cryptocurrency enthusiasts argue over which network is the best, a greater question has emerged: does it even matter?

This isn’t a long post, because the concept itself is pretty simple and accessible to most folks who’d stumble across it and read it: the increased liquidity provided by tokenization enables hidden utility in securities whereby they may be utilized as commodity money. This “cash-like” utility is hampered by regulation and conversely, as markets approach the unregulated, assets lose utility through fraud and corporate mismanagement.

When one takes a comparative view of regulatory regimes around the world, at the time of…

Simply put, Fanmix is the solution to the struggle of artist monetization.

Fanmix Is the Music You Love!

The End of the “Starving Artist”

For as long as there has been music there has been the perception that musicians must suffer economically in order to afford the ability to perform. Contrary to what may be the popular perception, a musician doesn’t sit down at a computer, record a song, upload it to streaming services, and then sit back and enjoy the royalties that start pouring in. An artist spends hundreds of thousands of hours in their life honing and refining their craft. There’s the cost of instruments, engineers, studio time, producers, mastering…

Passive streams of income are hard to come by, and passive income that does more than drive website traffic is even harder to come by. Fanmix uses a passive income-based referral system to continuously reward fans and artists and drive traffic to your Fanmix homepage before, during, and after an album campaign.

Being a musician is hard. Being a profitable one is harder.

Ground Game

Promoting your act can be a daunting task. In the 21st century the “ground game” has changed from handing out handbills and flyers to constant publication of new content to keep fans engaged. …

Bryce Weiner

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