The Tao 2020 Roadmap: Part One

The Cryptocurrency of the Music Industry


After nearly four years of flawless operation, the Tao blockchain is due for some major upgrades so we can move into the next phase of our project. While we have made tremendous in-roads in the entertainment industry and saw amazing success with our musical partners, we have allowed our philosophy of “the cryptocurrency which runs best changes least” to slow down development far too much. The community, developers and major stakeholders in the Tao blockchain, including myself, have come up with a plan to bring Tao into 2020.

This first part will outline the reasons for the upgrade, the plan for the upgrade, and what this upgrade will provide the network and its vision.

It’s Not Like The Old Days

While we certainly value our existing exchange partners such as and Alt.Market, the team took a long, hard look at the friction to adding Tao to other platforms. Here’s the short list of the most critical items:

But the real problem is…

This is great and all, but none of that addresses the first and foremost complaint of not only the community, but those who would wish to join the community: liquidity.

Traditionally this has been an off-limits issue for projects within the United States due to the nature of regulations however, while one size does not fit all, the way Tao has grown and been managed does lead to some interesting potential within the SEC’s new Safe Harbor guidelines.

Tao is a hodl community. While I couldn’t be more pleased that individuals have such support of the project, market liquidity has all but dried up as a result of individuals hoarding tokens for an eventual breakout. The blockchain being a blockchain, any potential investor of a significant amount of funds would be able to do the math to see a wide range of whales waiting to dump on them.

Market making is now open season. Another significant change has been in the opinion of market makers. As the cryptocurrency space becomes more mature, the reality of market makers in any financial sector has become to be appreciated. This second factor of liquidity is vital as a market maker would maintain order book spreads, as well as the overall health of the marketplace including the encouragement of price competition.

Pivot: Threading the Needle

Clearly these are complex and multifaceted issues which encouraged a great deal of debate and discussion within the community. We suggested a starting point for a new path of development and allowed the community to make suggestions, alterations, or offer alternatives. Here are the results of those discussions.

Building Solutions

Given everything stated above, we’ve decided on the following course of action which we are confident will not only bring Tao in line with the rest of the cryptocurrency marketplace, but elevate it to the truly unique position which it has always deserved.


We’re hard at work building the code and docs and websites and tools and apps that are needed to roll out an undertaking as massive as this one. Even with such a daunting task ahead of us, we are looking to migrate from the existing chain to the new chain before the end of March.

Next Steps

Part Two of this series will include a description of the pieces of the new ecosystem, what each piece then enables, as well as a rough outline of the time frames in which they will be released. The result will be a clear and complete picture of the new Tao ecosystem, which will be ready from almost day one for developers to move in and start creating!

Stay tuned!

Developer, Father, and Friend .:. CEO of AltMarket, Inc. .:. My views are my own.

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